Linux in Vietnam


Here are a couple of very interesting pictures I took with my iPhone last week here in Saigon.  While I was teaching at SaigonTech, one of my students showed me a copy of the Ubuntu install LiveCD.  I was a bit surprised to see my student with it.  Got to give Ubuntu a big thumbs up for sending these LiveCDs to Vietnam 🙂

Ubuntu LiveCD, SaigonTech, Saigon, Vietnam

(Student with Ubuntu LiveCD)

About 4 hours later, I was at the American International School giving my students a quiz in their Computer Science class.  One of my quiz questions asked who created Linux.  As they were taking the quiz, I noticed Tux at back of the room.  A couple students just needed to turn their heads to see the answer 🙂

Tux, Vietnam Linux

(Hey Tux)

Yeah, Linux is making some inroads here 🙂