Another Weekend At Home Pondering


Darn, I had to spend another weekend at home working on my Laptop again. I really hit geek mode since I returned from the US. I am still not sure if I truly recovered from my trip yet.

One thing is for sure, I am ready for a short trip out of Saigon really soon. I am thinking about flying back up to Hanoi to meet a couple of friends and go over some legal matters in regards to forming a business in Vietnam.

Teaching is going okay this semester though I am getting burned out at SaigonTech now. Next semester I will either reduce the hours or take a one semester Leave of Absence to rest. I really like my IT class at the American International School. Bright kids, some of the best I have ever had all with bright futures.

My second stench with Indochina Capital is going very well. My teaching methodology has improved since my last batch of students.

IT is my realm though. No, I will not pursue the Unix SysAdmin position with Google. I want to stay in Vietnam and turn the Saigon Linux Group into something. First, though, I am thinking that maybe it is time that I do something with my IT skills. Everytime I walk away from IT, I seem to come right back. Maybe I should stay this time…

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