Vang Anh Sex Clip Halts Show


Most expats in Saigon may not have heard about Vang Anh, but I learned last week that this character, played by Thuy Linh, a first year college student, is quite popular among the Vietnamese youth in Vietnam. Unfortunately for her, the mobile phone video clip of her and her boyfriend having sex has stirred a huge controversy in the country.

Here is an excerpt from the BBC:

Vietnam has been hit by hurricanes, floods and a catastrophic bridge collapse of late, but the nation is abuzz with talk of just one thing – a blurry video of an illicit encounter between two teenagers.

Well, for one, the video was not blurry…

How will this video affect the future of Thuy Linh?  My students and friends think her career is over.  I am not so sure though.  Sex is a topic nobody wants to talk about yet you always hear in it in the conversation with your Vietnamese friends.  Now, they will have no choice to talk about it because this scandal, as it is being called, is being talked about everywhere; online, TV, blogs, etc.   Teenage pregnancies will continue to rise in Vietnam and these poor girls will continue to have the abortions.  Just drive by the Tu Du Women’s Hospital about a month or two after the Vietnamese Tet Holiday each day to get an idea of how many girls get pregnant, expectantly, each year.  Yeah, they are the ones wearing the white Ao Dais.

Lets keep an eye on this scandal to see how it will shape Vietnamese views on sex in the near future.

Dang, I can’t believe I talked about this topic on my blog 🙂

See the article here ->   Web sex clip halts Vietnam TV show


  1. I saw the video. Not blurry. Her bf is not only an idiot for distributing that video but he is bad in bed too. He handles her like a sack of rice. I agree, they need to open up about sex. In the US her career would not be over. The only reason it might be over there is because of the judgemental nature and closed minded attitude towards sex. If she really had beauty of acting talent perhaps she could come to the US but I don’t think she is really all that special looking nor a great actor.

  2. She did go back on TV to say a tearful goodbye and apologize to her fans and their parents.

    And a couple of the bf’s friends, who allegedly posted it on the internet, have been arrested. The bf is overseas and safe.

    If I made a movie for VN distribution, I would attempt to cast her. Saves on my publicity cost.

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