Alecya’s Greeting Card


    I was searching through my old backups I brought from the US yesterday. I was surprised that I scanned a picture of the greeting card Alecya, a cute intern I worked with the American Councils of for International Education in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, back in 1999.

    I remember this day very well. September 29, 1999. On that day everything that could go wrong did go wrong for the both of us. At the end of the day, she gave me this really nice greeting card:

    Greeting Card from Alecya

    (Monday thru Saturday in Russian)

    Greeting Card from Alecya

    (Sunday in Russian)

    In every country I lived in, I get called “clever” in the local language (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey to name a few). In some ways, I think they meant “cunning” as my Kazakh host mother used to call me. Not sure why though 🙂

    This greeting card brings back some memories. charvey would have loved her 🙂


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