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Funny Memories of Kazakhstan

As with my last post, I found some other funny pictures from Central Asia. From May, 1997, until July, 1999, I was a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan. Life in Kazakhstan was very interesting and people are surprised when I tell them that I really miss the region. If I had not come to Vietnam with the Amerasian Foundation, I probably would have eventually settled in Kazakhstan.

Before I shipped out to my Peace Corp’s post in Karatau, the Peace Corps put together a small event for PCVs about to leave for their sites. One of the functions involved giving the infamous Cami Award. Well, see for yourself the award that I received:

Peace Corps Kazakhstan Cami Award

Yeah, kind of funny, eh? 🙂 I never forgot this, just saving it for the right time 🙂

Peace Corps Kazakhstan Kazakh Girl Note Cami Award

Ah, Karina, the pretty Kazakh girl who unsuccessfully tried to ask me out at an outside cafe. When the waiter handed me the note, I started to laugh real loud. Karina even came near my table to talked on her cell phone to try to impress me (very people had cell phones in Kazakhstan back in 1999). I remember her very well, she had the nicest pretty eyes I have ever seen, well until I came to Vietnam that is.

Anyway, thought I share some of my funny memories from Kazakhstan.

4 comments on “Funny Memories of Kazakhstan”

  1. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Yeah, I will. Just visit Salaam Central Asia for my past experiences. I really want to travel back there for business but I am so busy still.

    Where are you from? Are you my former student? 🙂

  2. Asqat

    Hi! Unfortunatly I had no chance to be your student. But I really respect you for your working as a teacher in my country. What kind of busness you wish to start?

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