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Thanks Adam for sending me this link:

The Saigon Linux Group, an offshoot of the Saigon Linux User Group, was featured in Elsa Wenzel’s “Vietnam a crouching tech tiger” published on

I was quoted about Web 3.0 which, with the help of the iPhone, will explode in Vietnam due to the popularity of wifi mobile phones here. I also believe open source technology, known as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), will become more popular here with businesses and government agencies as means to become ‘legal’ in regards to software. Many companies such as Asia Commercial Bank and Saccombank already use open source software such as OpenOffice and Firefox with many more following in 2008.

Tracy Reed and Vinh Nguyen should get some credit for helping form the original Saigon Linux User Group with me back in April, 2005.

Elsa’s article is a great read on technology in Vietnam ->

Saigon Linux Group - Vietnam


  1. Come on, reiserfs is a KILLER filesystem!

    But they recently renamed it “CakeFS” because that’s where you look to find a file in jail.

    If the journal won’t commit you must acquit!

    When looking for his wife did they check in /lost+found?

    DalmerFS failed to gain any marketshare because it kept eating people’s data.

    I know, I’m a bad, bad man…

    The author of that article mentioned that she didn’t run into any obvious censorship dead-ends. I bet that is because they were searching for things in english and not vietnamese.

  2. @Viet: In the US, your are innocent until proven guilty. The case itself is a bit suspicious and I suspect that his estranged wife ‘may’ have returned to Russia or the former Soviet Union.

    @Tracy: Man I like reiserfs but OpenSUSE still uses ext3 I think. I am going to build a new development desktop and use reiserfs again. In regards to Han’s wife, see above…

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