More Storms and Floods for Vietnam


Urban Flooding in Vietnam

(Image Source: Al Jazeera)

It is just the talk of the town now. Bloggers Mel (Antidote to Burnout) and Anna (Pho) both mentioned about flooding in their posts. My poor motorbike suffered from some street flooding last weekend. It is even making the world news feeds. Al Jazeera posted an article on the current death toll from the latest flooding stating that “…Vietnam has suffered from an unusually longstorm season this year” which it has. There is another storm on it’s way from the Philippines.

When will the rain end?


  1. This is happening all over the world. We’ve had Unprecedented flooding this last 10 years and sometimes in areas that never normally flood. Then at the same time there are record breaking droughts happening, giving rise to unbelievably dreadful fires. In the 1980’s there were two named hurricanes, 1990’s 3, 2000’s 8!! Two of which were cat 5 making landfall in one month!

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