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Crocodile Hunting Anyone?

3 comments on “Crocodile Hunting Anyone?”

  1. Tracy Reed

    I made Trang call her mom and ask her if she was safe from the crocodiles. Kinda like how she has to call us up every time there is a fire or earthquake or whatever in California.

    Flooding in Cao Bang?! Better call mom and make sure she’s ok! I mean, it is only -> <- that far from Sai Gon on the map! 😉

  2. Viet

    Kevin, please call Crocodile Dundee, leave the job to the professional!!!

    have you tried the croc restaurant in Thu Duc?

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Tracy: Weren’t some of the escaped crocodiles Trang’s classmates? 🙂

    @Viet: Thanks for giving me a Post Title for my next post. Vietnamese Crocodile Dundees 🙂 Nope, never tried croc food, yet?

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