Software Update for my Nokia N800


Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

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I finally get to test out the new OS2008 software update on my Nokia N800. OS2008 was developed for the soon to be released sliding Nokia N810 but Nokia announced the software would also run on the older N800s.

Chris Soghoian from posted a Nokia N800 HowTo to allow us anxious N800 users to get a glimpse of the new operating system.

The new operating system is rumored to increase internal processing speeds from 340MHz to 400 MHz. YouTube is finally supposed to work correctly. Skype will finally have video chat support (not yet released at this time).

I intend to use my Nokia N800, with the newer OS2008 operating system, as a mobile web server running Apache (My contributions to Web 2.0/3.0 development in Vietnam). My N800 has a storage capacity of 4 Gigs but I can easily increase it to 16 Gigs.

Read more about the Nokia N800 and OS2008 article here ->

Visit to view readily available open source software for the Nokia N800/810.


  1. You got an iPod, a motorola, and a Nokia tablet kind of thing. But are there any available here in Vietnam at reasonable prices? Even if it’s not perfect, I’d consider a fair deal with mix of decent features. Let me know if you recommend anything that can be picked up locally.

  2. As an expat living in HCM with an interest in computing I very much enjoy reading through your posts. Thanks and please keep them coming.

    Do you know where one could buy the N810 in Vietnam, or if it has been released yet? I have asked around at a few shops but they don’t seem to be aware of the N810 yet.

  3. @Greg:

    Do not expect the N810 to come to Vietnam. I think I have one of the few N800s in the city, if any. The iPhone and Blackberries are much more popular. The N800/N810 are just geek gadgets I hate to say.

    What do you do in Saigon?

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