A Saigon Monday


Woke up late, 9 AM. Ninja, my kitten was meowing loudly but I could not hear him since I wore my ear plugs 🙂

Tofu woman dropped by my house at 10:30AM but I was behind schedule so no tofu for me.

Had lunch at Mimosa on Bui Vien Street. Bought an Economist for 40,000 VND ($2.50 US). Headed to my school at 1:30 PM.

By 2 PM, realized my students were more competent in IT than IT staff. I spent half the class time being more of a system administrator than teacher. Finally got students to do things in the command line and nano towards the end of class.

Made it to Tan Binh District at 6 PM.  Had a great time at SaigonTech. School wireless worked flawlessly 🙂

Home now watching Ninja sleep on Lucky’s pillow.

End of another Saigon Monday…

I typed this post with my Nokia N800 using OS2008. It is awesome!


  1. somehow I can’t access blogger. I SMSed you last night, to the other number (..7233) I think I saved the first # wrong. Anyway, I took those tests and even my Math score was bad, they didn’t care and invited me for an interview yesterday. Now I am just waiting for their decision. I’d rather get a NO though to be honest. Save for much trouble.

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