Christmas coming to Saigon


Can’t believe, the Saigonese are preparing for a very Vietnamese Christmas. After my long meeting at the Highland’s Cafe in Saigon Centre, I took these pictures of the Christmas decorations in front of Saigon Centre. I know for many outside of Vietnam, seeing scenes of Christmas in Saigon may be a bit shocking. Well, face it, for the last three years that I lived in Vietnam, the Vietnamese have celebrated Christmas in the same fashion as Americans. It is a big deal here and the closer Christmas arrives, the more chaotic it gets. The Christmas display in front of Saigon Centre is just a start the Christmas spirit here in Vietnam. More pictures are soon to come.

Vietnam Christmas in Saigon

(Santa’s Reindeer’s taking a Vietnamese holiday in Saigon)

Vietnam Christmas in Saigon

(Temporary Christmas Entrance to Saigon Centre)

Vietnam Christmas in Saigon

(Here are the Elves, can’t believe they are cold in 82 F weather 🙂 )

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