Nightview of Sunwah Tower

5 comments on “Nightview of Sunwah Tower”

  1. itdoesnotmatter

    hi my friend….do you listen to vietnamese music? or have u tried it before? try this song its one of my favorites, great love song

  2. Laila

    Hi! Sorry this a little random, but i was wondering how much it cost for you to get the iphone in vietnam? I’ll be going on vacation soon in Vietnam and was thinking that if it’s cheaper there than it is in the states, then i’ll probably buy one.

  3. Annie

    Hahaha, a lot of new things going on eh? Um, when are you free, gotta get some drinking on!!!!!

    Um, i can ride a motorbike now…and i am a pretty scary driver now lol. Call you soon. Take care 😛

  4. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Annie: I have been so busy lately.

    You are riding now? Did you buy a motorbike?

    Did SaigonTech pay you? I am hearing that they have no paid the teacher’s salaries again. I will head to Quang Trung tomorrow morning to see what is up.

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