Super Crazy Saigon Traffic :-)


I got some great shots of the what the traffic is like in Saigon now. Since last summer, it the roads have gotten very congested due to the increase of both cars and motorbikes. Even the police seem to have problems directing traffic anymore. For once, I saw people arguing with the police which is not the norm here.

Saigon Traffic

(Morning view of the congested Cong Hoa street from SaigonTech)

Saigon Traffic

(Cong Hoa street is packed in the morning near E-Town)

Saigon Traffic

(Huynh Van Banh street at an intersection)

Saigon Traffic

(I stayed in this spot for about 10 minutes)

Saigon Traffic

(Ward Police to the rescue 🙂 )


  1. the traffic is crazy in saigon, i hate it but i still love my crowded hometown.
    Now all i wanna do is KICK THE SLUT MEGAN’S ASS! get the f.. out of here, bitch!

  2. Traffic looks bad, but it was already that bad 3 years ago, when I was there visiting. The new helmet law is going to be implemented this December 15th, I wonder if anyone is going to comply. I would hate having to wear a stinking helmet everytime I go out…it’ll ruin my hair-do…haha

  3. I was in Saigon this past April and the traffic in the morning and after work hour was horrible. Everytime the motorbike came to a stop at the lights or stuck in traffic, I felt as if other motobikes would hit my legs…it was scary.

  4. man i jus came back this summer to visit vietnam traffic there is rely crazy lol…especially when it hot as hell w/no air conditioning and your’re just sitting there with the sun hitting your face…man its brutal

  5. saigon traffic looks quite bad when unlooking from afar. but i find that when you’re actually riding a motorbike amongst the craziness yourself, its really not that bad as it looks…

    but hey thats just me!

  6. @mike: Yeah, it is not so bad when you ride in it. Find a space and take it. Yesterday a bicycle nearly knocked down my motorbike when he struck my right handle bar 🙂 The joys of driving in Saigon 🙂

    @Thong: I heard Hanoi traffic was horrible but when I was there, I thought it was light and, well, organized. 🙂

  7. the traffic…reason y i hate and love saigon… btw kevin have u been to hue? its a beautiful city, a lot cleaner than saigon and less congested with great views and good.ya should visit it someday if u havent

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