Commodore 64 25th Anniversary


    Oh how I miss the trusty ole Commodore 64. I have used computers for nearly 27 years now. The first home computer my parent’s purchased was the Commodore 64. My father encouraged me to learn BASIC, the first programming language I ever learned. The most I could do was:

    10 Print “Hello”
    20 Goto 10

    I remember typing my first paper about the giant planets of the Solar System with WordPerfect back in 9th Grade on the Commodore 64.  Those were the days.  I eventually moved up to the Commodore Amiga 500 which I used until 1996.

    This week is the 25th Anniversary of the Commodore 64.  Read up about at

    Commodore 64

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    1. This was the first computer I used too. I remember overnight hackin session poking and peeking machine code and the slow cassette tape for storing data. I wanted an Amiga badly but they were too expensive in Mumbai where I grew up.

    2. @Preetam: Amiga 500 was awesome. My father gave me his Amiga 500 in 1991 and I kept it until 1996. It was sad about Commodore’s troubles trying to market the next variants of the Amiga before they went bankrupt.

      Good news, Amiga OS is available and an Italian company plans to offer Amiga desktops.

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