December 15 – Helmet Day


On December 15, we all will be required to wear a helmet inside Saigon for the very first time.  In fact, you are seeing people wearing helmets more and more each day.

My student from Vietnam Airlines brought me a nice helmet from Taiwan that meets ISO requirements a couple months ago.  Surprisingly, I am actually wearing it, most of the time.  Well, on Saturday, I might as well get used to wearing it.

Rumor is flying around that the helmet law will only be enforced during the day but not at night. Just a rumor I am hearing but with Christmas and New Years coming, I think the police will be lax with the law during the evenings.

Here is a good article about helmets up in Hanoi.  I thought about taking my helmet to a Decal Shop myself.  Do you have a “cool” helmet?

Cool Motorbike Helmet in Hanoi

(Image Source: VietnamNet Bridge)


  1. pimped out helmet :D….this is goin to be a rising business field…helmet making and decals :D..if i go back to VN ima get a helmet wiith flames on top…it’ll be like the devil riding a motorbike in saigon 😀

  2. There is already a lot of issue with checking your helmet in with the motorbike parking attendant and it’s only the weeks leading to full implementation of the helmet law. I foresee chao in Saigon and Hanoi with issues such as where to leave ones helmet. Personal, I think it’s not really realistic to require helmet within the city of Saigon, traffic is too slow for such a need, stricter helmets laws on the highway should have been the focus. Can you imagine millions of helmets with no facility for storage?

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