Construction Woes – The End?


Two days ago, trucks starting bringing in big rocks for my alleyway. It looks like they are ready to repave my alleyway 🙂

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Repaving - Saigon, Vietnam

(The trucks kept me up all night – A good thing 🙂 )

 Phu Nhuan Alleyway Repaving - Saigon, Vietnam

(Most of the alleyway has been leveled last night)

Phu Nhuan Alleyway Repaving - Saigon, Vietnam

(Main alleyway entrance from the canal)

The local police said that by New Year, we will have a repaved alleyway meaning less dust, finally 🙂


  1. Hey, the construction looks better than when i was last there. Um, been too busy to blog. My classes are great but too many, i am going a little nuts. Thank goodness it’s over now. I look forward for a break but i still have Cleverlearn. How are things with you? You gotta update me okie. Merry Xmas, KEV!!!!

  2. @Annie: I hope they pave it tonight. I found that there was a huge opening on my upper windows where all the dust from the road is coming in. Once they pave the alleyway, the majority of the dust will be gone 🙂

    Merry X-Mas to you too. I switched to ST’s General English program but will not resume teaching until after Tet.

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