Vietnam to crack down on bloggers


Here is an interesting article posted by in regards to regulating bloggers in Vietnam:

“Vietnam needs to control blogs to prevent the spread of subversive and sexually explicit content, communist government officials said according to a state media report Wednesday December 26. Weblogs have exploded in Vietnam in recent years, especially among youths, providing a forum for chatting about mostly societal and lifestyle issues and providing an alternative to the state-controlled media.”


“The ministry responsible for culture and information, which controls traditional media, in July said it was drafting regulations that would fine bloggers who post subversive and sexually explicit content online.”

It will be interesting to see how this regulation will be enforced and whether Expat bloggers will be affected as well.

Vietnamese Bloggers in Vietnam

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  1. As I translate it, that would be something like: “Nezumi, the question is, whether the intended regulations in Vietnam will control local and emigrated bloggers in the country.” That’s a good point – today’s Internet changes the whole equation for governments. Modern data and media moves too fast in the Internet Age. Most governments have radically opened up since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Information Age is a major reason why. Positive change is accelerating. With WTO and further required reforms, countries that want to prosper know what they must do to be in good standing with the international community.

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