SuSu – Best Finger Licking Chicken in Saigon


If you are looking for some good fried chicken then head out to SuSu in District 1. SuSu has the best chicken in town at the moment. The local Viet Kieu expats are calling SuSu “VFC”, Vietnam Fried Chicken.

Saigon SuSu Vietnam Fried Chicken VFC

(SuSu – VFC)

SuSu Address: 55 Tu Xuong 71-23, District 3, Saigon, Vietnam


  1. Hi Kevin, I didn’t get the offer with HSBC, they then offered for another interview but I declined. Can’t log in blogger to reply to you b/c they won’t allow cookies here. Happy New Year from Chiang Mai!

  2. We walked over to SuSu this evening for some fowl. Practically walked right by it, for some reason I didn’t expect it to be so miniscule. As we entered a seated customer outside touted the deliciousness of the chicken, “the best in Saigon”. We entered and sat in the back, the place was packed, inside and out. We felt lucky to get about the only empty seats. Ordered two plates, a soup, a Saigon beer & a 7-Up.
    Those chickens were awfully small, don’t they have to grow to a minimum size, or something, before they are sent packing? These guys must have been a miniature variety. The chicken was tasty, if a bit bony and greasy. We tried a bowl of their soup which reminded me of Miso soup, a favorite. Then I ordered another 1/4 chicken w/o rice. The rice wasn’t very tasty for me, I only ate a fraction of what was on my first plate.
    According to our calculations the bill should have totaled D96,000, having used just one cold moist napkin between us. JOY! brought tissues which were handy with this messy “finger food”. Apparently they must have pre-added the gratuity because the charge was D107,000. So charming… No biggie, but amusing and not worth quibbling about. JOY! hates it when I do that! Two out five stars from this reviewer. When they move to a larger venue, sometime soon I imagine, we will happily try it again.
    By the way, I live on what was my grandparents chicken farm/hatchery in Sonoma County, CA, near Petaluma, CA, the former “egg basket of the world”, where the incubator was invented. I have kept/raised chickens for decades before I started living over here in VN most of the time. I rarely eat chicken now…

  3. @Clifton: Yeah the chickens were small, I should have ordered a couple more as Lawrence did. You should have asked about the bill, getting an incorrect bill is quite common here.

    I see you had a great New Years. Any pictures?

    @Lawrence: Similar pictures 🙂 I just gave away my iPhone. Oh I am glad you guys mentioned VFC 🙂

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