PC-BSD Installed on Customized Desktop :-)

PC-BSD in Vietnam

Well, about one and a half hours ago, I finally got my customized desktop running. PC-BSD is now installed and I am currently fetching and updating Ports on my desktop.

Before I could install PC-BSD, I had to figure out why my desktop would not reboot Friday night. Checking online, I found out that there were many complaints with the new Asus Intel G35 (P5K-VM) Motherboard. Saturday morning, I decided to replace it with a Gigabyte Intel P35 (P35-D3P) Motherboard. In the evening, it took me about 30 minutes to reassemble my desktop with the new motherboard. I hooked everything up and turned on the power. Only thing that worked were the system fan and CPU fan. I do not know how many times I took the motherboard and accessories apart. Finally today, after I decided to test each memory stick, I found out why my desktop would not power up, or reboot, correctly. One of my 1GB DDR2 memory sticks was defective. Arghh!!!

Well, I pulled it out, and within 5 minutes, got a fully running desktop, for the first time. Tomorrow I will replace the defective memory stick with a new one. May even possibly pick up a 19 inch LCD as well.

Anyway, I am happy that PC-BSD installed on my new desktop with no problem. I am having some problems with sound but that will be easy to resolve.  I justed add snd_hda_load=”YES” to /boot./loader.conf, rebooted, and presto, got sound again (This works for FreeBSD and DesktopBSD as well).

Many of you will probably here Tony and I talk more about PC-BSD in the near future. Due to my Gentoo Linux roots, I am a big fan of FreeBSD which PC-BSD is based on. Read up on PC-BSD to see Linux’s direct competitor 🙂

Vietnam PCBSD System

(My customized PC-BSD Desktop)

Vietnam PCBSD System

(Fetching and Updating Ports with crappy ViewSonic monitor)

5 comments on “PC-BSD Installed on Customized Desktop :-)”

  1. Tracy Reed

    “Due to my Gentoo Linux roots, I am a big fan of FreeBSD which PC-BSD is based on. Read up on PC-BSD to see Linux’s direct competitor”

    What does Gentoo have to do with FreeBSD? Nice job btw!

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Gentoo’s Portage has it’s roots with FreeBSD’s Ports so I am quite familiar with it. Daniel Robbins was a developer with FreeBSD before creating Gentoo.

    I decided to go for a 19” LCD Monitor today. My current CRT really sucks. It will be funny to haul the LCD on my motorbike to my house 🙂

    Hey, why not configure Gnome on Trang’s computer, put the MacOS-like GUI on top of it and tell her that she is running a Macbook 🙂

  3. itdoesntmatter

    kevin im a winxp user and im thinking of switching to either linux or pcbsd…since u have used both wat do u recommend?

  4. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    I recommend you try PCLinuxOS. I use this in my class right now. It is quite simple to learn and one of the most popular Linux distros today. Many guys like Ubuntu as well but I find it a bit too simple for my tastes.

    PC-BSD is for more of an advanced user but by all means, give it a try. It is the easiest of the BSDs and quite nice.

    Remember, you can install VMWare or VirtualBox and test Linux or BSDs inside of your computer at the same time through virtualization 🙂 No need to install yet, test first.

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