Saigon Rain in January???


The weather has been really strange in Saigon lately. For the last three days, it has actually rained which is unheard of in Saigon. It is supposed to be the dry season. Normally the last sprinkle ends in late November. The next rainfall starts around May.

I was riding my motorbike to District 1 from District 5 when I got caught in the rain yesterday. In 5 minutes, I was soaked so I had to head home to dry off (where is my rain poncho?).

Global warming? It looks like local Vietnamese scientists are beginning to acknowledge that there is a problem with the climate warming.

Saigon Rain in January  or Global Warming

(3|2 Street in District 5 at the start of the rain)

Saigon Rain in January  or Global Warming

(Yeah, it is raining in January)


  1. At least the weather in VietNam is way better than weather in Boston. One day it was in the 60s (in January), a few days later we got a a snow storm…then it rained a few days later and now it’s could go down to 0 degree F

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