Going back to Gentoo


A lot of drama going around the Gentoo Linux Community these days.  Daniel Robbins, the creator of Gentoo, would like some control of Gentoo again.  There are a lot of mixed reactions by developers and users.  Neither side can really communicate with each other, but oh well, I will still use Gentoo.

Actually I decided to return after being away for a couple of years.  FreeBSD, in particular PC-BSD, got me back into geek mode again.  I can easily stay up until 3 AM now working on my computer.  I really like BSD, should have tried FreeBSD back in 2003 when I picked up the box of FreeBSD CDs at a bookstore.  It is intriguing at how similar Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD are.  Daniel Robbins did a great job creating a Linux system that ran similar to a BSD system.  Portage and Ports are nearly identical.  I love emerge in Gentoo, I love portmanager in FreeBSD.

Right now I am updating PC-BSD on my  test laptop (yeah , I dumped CentOS, sorry Tracy).  I want to get openBravo running on FreeBSD.

My Thinkpad is currently downloading Daniel Robbin’s stage3 tarbell.  I will try to get it running Gentoo before I sleep tonight.  I plan to use teh XFCE desktop manager instead of KDE which I normally use.

portmanager is currently updating all the ports on my PC-BSD desktop.  I need to update all the dependencies as well so I can run Miro again.

If I am lucky, I will sleep around 3 AM.