Introducing my Vietnamese Students to Gimp


Well, six days away from Tet, the Vietnamese New Year. This is the last week of class at the American International School, where I teach computer science, before the week and a half long holiday (well for me at least). The 3rd Quarter also started this week so I decided, as part of my web development curriculum, to introduce my students to the Gimp. The class went very well.

The Gimp is probably one of the best programs for students to get an introduction to open source software and Linux. My students got to see immediate results after just a 5 minute lesson. I showed them how to resize and edit their own images with Gimp. It was just a basic introduction but more will come after the Tet holiday.

Using the Gimp with Vietnamese Students

(My student using the GIMP inside of PCLinuxOS)

Using the Gimp with Vietnamese Students

(GIMP demonstration on the screen)

Using the Gimp with Vietnamese Students

(The GIMP on the Teacher’s Desktop)

Some of my students know how to use Photoshop so I plan to install the Gimpshop at the new school building (we are moving to a new, bigger building after Tet). I will post some of their GIMPed images in the future.

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