Yesterday I went out with some of my friends to get a haircut. Maybe that was a mistake on my part.

I just wanted a haircut but I was convinced to get a shave too.  This would be my third time in my entire life that I allowed someone else to shave me (first being in Istanbul).  I find these shaves to be quite painful sometimes.

When the girl who shaved me finished, I thought she was putting on a white lotion to sooth my sore face.  This lotion then got harder and harder.  Finally, after a long wait, she literally ripped off the mask.  I though   I thought my nose would rip off.

People actually enjoy this??? 🙂

Kevin Miller - SaigonNezumi

(That’s me)


  1. @William:

    For the whole package (haircut, shave, facial, ear clean (also hurts), and hair wash) cost about 150,000 VND including the tip. It is located in District 10 but I forgot the address. It is actually not that bad. I just hated the ear cleaning.

  2. Interesting. Your entry reminds me of the first time I had a haircut in the U.S. and my feeling was that of surprise because it was so fast/
    (beyond my expectation), just the haircut and nothing else…

    In Vietnam, it’s the routine that after the haircut automatically comes the shave, though today I know some places charge separately.

    But the shave, (not the mask), is not that bad actually.


  3. I’m with Kevin on the haircut. My first haircut in Vietnam was great. At least at first. It was fast and good. And the guy got it just right despite speaking no english.

    Then he went and spoilt it by pulling out a razor to trim the edges. He cut a mole off, which ended up bleeding a lot. Then to my horror, he wiped the blade and put it back in his belt. I hope the guy before me wasn’t cut and didn’t have AIDS or Hepatitis because there was no sanitation. At least I only paid VND 30,000 for this death cut. I think maybe they were pissed off with me or something for just wanting a haircut.

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