Year of the Nezumi (Rat)


Tet is only 7 hours away. Saigon is very quiet today, hardly any traffic on the streets today. This is the best time of the year to live in Saigon, the only time the city is actually quiet 🙂

I never made it to Big C this morning to buy some groceries. Most of the stores closed at 12 noon. They will not reopen until Saturday. I will have to head to Pham Ngu Lao if I need to buy anything to eat the next couple of days. This is also the time of the year where many of the street food vendors make extra money due to the closed restaurants and cafes.

As of now, I will be unable to head out tonight. I still have too much work to do. If I remember, I will head to my terrace just before midnight to check out the fireworks. Then I will head back down to continue configuring an ERP and DMS on my computer. The joys of IT 🙂

Tomorrow it will be the Year of the Nezumi (Rat), the namesake for my blog and my Animal Sign.

Chuc mung nam moi!!! I wish everyone luck in the upcoming Year of the Nezumi…

Nezumi - Year of the Rat

(Happy Year of the Nezumi (Rat)!)


  1. And a good Chuc mung nam moi to you too – I’ve only ever done one Tet in Vietnam. It was in ’96 and Hanoi was a morgue 🙂 I imagine Saigon isn’t quite so quiet, but I’m sure you’d appreciate a rest from the usual madness.

  2. It is nice not to have to deal with the heavy traffic and pollution for the next 5 days. I may make it out to Can Tho this weekend for a much needed break from my computers.

    Saigon is nice during Tet. A person cannot really notice the quiet until everyone returns back to the city on the last day of Tet. That will be Monday night. Another day to stay indoors 🙂

  3. all is quiet here in Singapore too.. I wanted to get to Saigon but then realized I had no visa. Hopefully visa on entry will arrive in the year of the rat.

  4. If it was not Tet, you could just call a travel agency in Saigon. A landing visa can be arranged for you. Email me next time when you need a landing visa in short notice, preferably on a weekday since Immigration is closed on weekends.

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