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    Mobile Suit Gundam 00

    I will admit it, I am a Mobile Suit Gundam fan. I have watched the entire season for Gundam SEED already. I am currently watching Gundam SEED Destiny and Mobile Suit Gundam 00. There are Gundam fans around the world. With today’s technology, a new Mobile Suit Gundam show can be ripped, translated, and made available to fans through bitorrent in a matter of weeks.

    One of the best features about the show, besides the battle scenes, are the music. In Japan, pop singers make it great by writing songs for Anime. Some songs for the Mobile Suit Gundam series have made it to the Top Ten. Below is a recent popular show from the newest Mobile Suit Gundam 00 series:


    1. I love Gundam, too ^^ I was really into Gundam SEED, not just because of the huge cool robots but because of the story line and the messages about life it conveyed.

      I like your blog, too. Just crossed by when looking for some references about Bobby Brewers Le Van Sy. Glad that I know your blog.


      • @Thinh: I am a Gundam Seed Gundam 00 fan. I really love these shows.

        In regards to Bobby Brewers, I know one just closed down in District 10. The on on Ly Van Si changed owners. They were struggling to earn revenue to cover their initial investments from what I heard.

    2. wow I never know that. Le Van Sy is a busy street but I don’t really know why the shop is so deserted, compare to one in district 1. Maybe the model and Bobby Brewers brand is still new to the people there and they are not willing to try. The location is also a bit weak, it was kind of merged into other houses around.

      Hope they can stay long enough to profit 😀 Blog on, Kevin!

    3. Bobby Brewer’s on Le Van Sy used to be packed. The problem is that the staff turn up the music too loud. Also, many patrons are young Vietnamese students who can be quite loud. I ended up leaving after about 20 minutes one time.

      The food is good but the atmosphere is really bad and unfriendly there at times.

      You are right, it is really hard to see this Bobby Brewers from the street. They need a sidewalk sign.

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