Litter Kwitter


Well, Tet is long passed now but many of the stores still have not restocked their shelves.  Unfortunately for me, one key item that I need to keep my 3 heavy-eating cats happy is kitty litter.  This week I perused every store, minus Metro, in Saigon and have been unable to find any Cat Sun kitty litter.  One pet store shop at Saigon Centre told me that it may not be available for one month.  I am tempted to ask a flight attendant friend to bring some from Singapore for me.

In the long run, I would like to get my cats to use the human toilet for their feline nature callings.  In the US, Litter Kwitter is the big craze.  Clumping kitty litter, according to studies, is actually very unhealthy for cats.  In a nutshell, Litter Kwitter is a set of three discs that will train cats on how to sit on the toilet.  It starts out like a litter box inside the toilet.  Gradually you take the discs away until Mr. Cat squats like, umm, you and I 🙂

Litter Kwitter - Vietnam  Litter Kwitter - Vietnam Litter Kwitter - Vietnam

I will try to have some friends ship some to me here in Vietnam…


  1. If you are looking to train your cats please take a look at our product. We ship all over the world.

    If you are still interested in the Litter Kwitter compare it to the Citi Kitty ( They are very similar, except in price.

    Once you have compared the two products now look at ours. You will see why we are not afraid to have customers review the competition.

    After searching, we have not been able to find the Litter Kwitter in stores here in the USA despite their website’s claim.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

    CatSeat Staff

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