CitiKitty – Litter Kwitter Competition

I am surprised at how fast my blog posting on Litter Kwitter got indexed by Google.   The competitor, CitiKitty, emailed me their website.  Same techniques but a noticeable difference is the price.  Plus they ship worldwide.  I think I will try CitiKitty instead 🙂

CitiKitty in action

(CitiKitty Success Story 🙂 )


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4 comments on “CitiKitty – Litter Kwitter Competition”

  1. Tracy Reed

    Google is indexing RSS feeds of all blogs they can find via their spidering and checking them very regularly. You can make a comment on slashdot and find it in google mere minutes later. It is mind-boggling how amazingly effective Google’s services are.

  2. Mitor

    I’ve tried the Citikitty before I got LitterKwitter. It is just flimsy plastic that my cat fell through. You have to cut holes with scissors and the mess goes everywhere. I found out the hard way that there is a reason why it is so cheap – because it dosn’t work. The litterkwitter works great, my cat is nearly trained after 7weeks, and they shipped to me in KL malaysia, I think they ship everywhere. It comes with a dvd instructions too.

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    Thanks Mitor. That was the same comment I got from some other people too. I guess CitiKitty is considered too flimsy. I have no idea since I have no tried it. I will be getting a Litter Kwitter, compliments of the company, to try out. 🙂

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