My Computer Lab nearly ready


Yesterday I saw the monitors for my computer lab stacked outside of the IT Room at the American International School were I teach Computer Science part time. It was a nice site to see. By Monday, my student’s should be returning to Linux after a long 3 weeks away from it. I will have to give them a refresher. The IT Director and I decided that they will start to use Linux Mint instead of PCLinuxOS. Everything should be ready within a week. As at the other building, my students will use Linux inside of VMWare on the desktops.

Saigon - Linux Mint Lab

(Jon‘s Computer Room)

Saigon - Linux Mint Lab

(My Computer Lab)

Saigon - Linux Mint Lab

(No Monitors Yet)

I will update the pictures next week of my new computer lab. I am calling it the AIS Linux Lab 🙂


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