Sick Day 2 – Taking my Meds


Well, I now know I do not have dengue fever. I still have a slight fever but I should be fully recovered by the weekend. When I am just sick with a cold or slight flu, I normally head to a pharmacy located on the corner of De Tham and Bui Vien streets in the Pham Ngu Lao area. The pharmacist has a good reputation among the expats, especially some of the Veterans, who have lived in Vietnam for a long period of time. Today she just told me that I needed to take some Ameflu-C and Vitamin C.

Ameflu in Vietnam

(Ameflu-C – We all have used this at one time or another in Vietnam)

MyVita C in Vietnam

(Dissolve-able Vitamin C tablets)

Some Expats are worried about going to a pharmacist without seeing a doctor. When I was in the Peace Corps, the Peace Corps Medical Officers (PCMOs) told us that it was not really necessary to go to a doctor everytime you were sick. In fact, when I was in Kazakhstan, the PCMOs had strict guidelines on when we could call them after an illness. They also gave us a copy of Where there is no Doctor. It is probably one of the best books I ever had. Because of that book and the Peace Corps, I only take medicines when I really need to alleviate some symptoms.

Hence, when I do get sick, I tend to recover faster than many people who rely on medicine and seeing the doctor 🙂