Official e-Visa by Kingdom of Cambodia

I have not traveled to Cambodia yet but I plan to in the near future. Blogger betterdays ( Preetamrai) just posted a blog entry about the e-visa process in Cambodia that should make it easier to get a visa to Cambodia. It costs $25 US total for a 30 day tourist visa and takes about three days to process. After it is processed, you can print it out and bring it along with you when you travel to Cambodia.

For travelers entering from Vietnam, make sure you to enter Cambodia through the Bavet (tour buses from Saigon all go through Bavet on their way to Phnom Penh). The visa are not valid at other Vietnam/Cambodia ground port of entries. The visa are valid for flights into Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports as well.

Go to the Official e-Visa by Kingdom of Cambodia for more information.

Official e-visa Kingdom of Cambodia - Vietnam

(Image Source: betterdays (Preetamrai))

Yes, it would be nice if Vietnam could offer a similar program 🙂

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  1. Preetam Rai

    Hi Kevin, I actually got the visa this morning. It took like 8 hours to get it. Amazing. Though I love this, I wish the countries in South East Asia allowed visa free entry within ASEAN. Its so easy to hop on a plane and go somewhere, I would be in Saigon almost every weekend.

  2. Tracy Reed

    Yes, I wish Vietnam had a similar program. Since I’m marrying a VN national I can get a visa waiver and never have to deal with the visa again. But my family who are going to come to the wedding this August in VN are all having to pay and send their passports off to the VN embassy. Would be nice if they could do it online!

  3. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Preetam Rai: That is efficiency, amazing. Cambodia seems ahead in terms of IT development compared to Vietnam. Even look at open source projects, there are more in Cambodia than in Vietnam. They could be future leader for e-government projects in the region.

    @Tracy: You could just do the landing visa option. They just have to fax their passports and give their arrival and departure times to a travel agent here. When they get to the airport, they will get their visa.

  4. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @Kieu: Vietnam is developing quite fast. I will not be surprised that it will have a good e-government system in the next 5-10 years. Things take time here, transparency issues still need to be resolved but I have good faith in this country 🙂

  5. Anna

    Hi Kevin,

    Hope you’re getting better.

    I can’t post nor view my own blog. Yes you should have travelled with me. I also went to Cambodia on my 2nd trip. Got the visa at the border, and I took Sinh Cafe’s bus. The process was pretty quick. And I paid $25.

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