Ubuntu Mirror returns to the Vietnam BSD/Linux Mirror


Ubuntu - Kubuntu - Edubuntu

The Ubuntu Mirror has returned to the Vietnam BSD/Linux Mirror. Only the ISO images will be available on this mirror due to bandwidth limitations.

The ISOs can be downloaded from the following URIs:


Kubuntu can be downloaded at this URI: ftp://ftp.indochinalinux.com/ubuntu/ISO/kubuntu

Edubuntu can be downloaded at this URI: ftp://ftp.indochinalinux.com/ubuntu/ISO/edubuntu

Please Note: The IP address and bandwidth was kindly donated by GHP Far East Co., Ltd. in their efforts to promote open source technology in Vietnam. Please do not abuse this donation by ‘mirroring’ the Vietnam BSD/Linux Mirror with your personal mirror in Vietnam. Please choose another mirror with available bandwidth resources outside Vietnam if you want to set up your own private mirror or make your mirror PUBLIC. Open source means giving back to the community.

The Vietnam BSD/Linux Mirror is located in the Quang Trung Software City located in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Viet Nam. The Public IP and bandwidth was donated by GHP Far East Co., Ltd. The server is provided by VscapeOne Technologies and maintained by the Vietnam Professional Linux/Unix Group (ViPLUG).

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