Ninja is missing :(


Yesterday, I put Ninja, my 6 month old kitten, on my terrace on the 4th floor to keep Jenny, the newest kitten, company during the night.  Early this morning, Ninja fell off the terrace and landed on the alleyway.  My neighbors saw Ninja litter near my gate and then said he was scared and ran to the next alleyway (Vietnamese hate black cats so most likely he was chased away).

I just spoke with my neighbor and they realized it was my cat.  Poor guy, I think Ninja will try to head back to my house tonight when he gets hungry.

I call NInja Buddha-cat sometimes since I see him around my two Buddhist in-house shrines a lot.


  1. Nope, he is long gone 🙁 Like I said, black cats disappear fast here. Most likely he was picked up by a passerby. I did not hear his normal screams last night (he meows prolifically). I think if my neighbors had known it was my kitten, they would have kept it for me.

    About four years ago, the house I stayed at had a puppy. The first night it crawled under the gate and disappeared. That night I heard it barking and we found it at a neighbor’s house. I hope the same will happen with Ninja. I wanted to see him grow as a big, fat, black cat.

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