Unusual Thunderstorm in Saigon


Technically, it is still the dry season in Vietnam.  March is normally extremely humid and hot.  This is the time that most Vietnamese and Expats really complain about the weather.

Yesterday was an oddity.  It was a bit hot in the morning but started to cool off a bit towards lunchtime.  It has sprinkled a couple times the past week but most people missed it.  Yesterday’s storm could not be missed.  It started as a light sprinkle that turned into a downpour that lasted over a half an hour.  I was stuck in Pham Ngu Lao, like many other people, since I did not have a rain poncho on me.  I normally buy a replacement rain poncho in April about a month before the rainy season is supposed to begin.

March Saigon Thunderstorm

(Unusual March Saigon Downpour)

We had another downpour in the late afternoon that lasted into the evening.  It was a spoiler for many Women’s Day events here.  Most of my friends and I canceled our plans last night.  I got soaked during the second downpour 🙁

Global warming???