My Lai Massacre – 40 years later

March 16, 1968

US Army soldiers massacre the hamlets of My Lai,  Binh Tay and My Khe.  Over 500 men, women, children and babies were brutaly murdered.  It would be hard to imagine how many more would have been massacred if US Army helicopter pilot, Hugh Thompson, and his crew had not intervened.

Forty years later, the wounds of the My Lai Massacre are slowly healing but the US and Americans are painfully slow in learning the lessons from the Vietnam War.  Haditha is just another My Lai that we Americans will soon forget.

Below are three good articles on the 40th Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre:

Forty years on, scars of My Lai Massacre remain

My Lai: Legacy of a massacre

American vet attends ceremony for My Lai killings

My Lai Massacre - Vietnam

(Source: BBC News)

Oh, I am a former Marine and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer so please do not send any comments or emails that I am being anti-American.  Facts should outweigh ignorance here…

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