Vietnamese Ants :)


These little buggers are quite sneaky and more clever than American ants.

If they see any food, regardless if their in a container or plastic bag, they will find a way to get to the food.  Yes, they can chew through plastic, something I have never seen their American cousins do.

When I first came to Vietnam back in May, 2004, the ants got to my cough drops.  I was a amazed since not did the ants chew through the paper wrapping, they even chewed through the thick plastic bag.  My first night I lost two bags of cough drops.

I bought some Vietnamese sweat potatoes last night with a friend.  It was placed in a clear plastic bag.  I fell asleep and forgot to eat the potato.  I woke up and saw probably about 50 or more ants all over the plastic bag with the potato.  One manage to get in but the rest were still struggling to get inside.  If I had left the bag on my desk, the ants would eventually chewed through it 🙂

Lucky, my dog, has another free meal.

I am still impressed by the sneaky and clever Vietnamese ants.


  1. Kevin,
    When I was in Bao Loc I found the ants fascinating in that they send out two scouts and if they find food, one will go back and get the others for help.

  2. I had an ant problem too. But as far as I know my ants weren’t able to chew through plastic. They did like to rearrange my furniture though. I took care of it by bringing back some Combat ant bait from my last trip to the USA. Presto, no more problems.

  3. @Katy: Fresh my mind please?

    @Mike: Insects in Vietnam generally are quite interesting to watch. They even go after the cockroaches after my cats kill them.

    @charvey: The big ants come after May. Their bits hurt but not as bad as the red ants you see near the Notre Dame Cathedral. I generally avoid RAID if I can. I used them on my cockroaches but they just come back after a month or so.

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