– 2 Years Old

Wow, I can’t believe has been online for two years as of yesterday, March 23rd. Actually it was formed a couple days before but the blog entries were, well, a bit negative in regards to Vietnam. I decided to be a bit more positive about my blog which in turn changed my view of Vietnam significantly.

I actually started blogging back in 2004 before leaving for Vietnam over at LiveJournal as a way to keep up with friends. Below are some pictures that made it on my LJ but never on until today:

Saigon Past

Smokey as a kitten. One day I could not find him until I noticed some movement near my pillow. Smokey was hiding in the dark. He really loved this place.

Saigon Past

Back in March, 2005, I was cooking some spring rolls outside my room. Smokey, then about 3 months old, was playing outside my room. All of a sudden, one of the hot spring rolls fell on the floor. Smokey tried to catch it but I knew the oil on the spring roll would burn him. I went to move him when the pan of oil fell unto the floor from the burner. Most of the oil landed on my left arm. Smokey got hit too. The burn really hurt and I ended up sticking my arm in the freezer for about one hour. I never went to the doctor and many people are surprised that it was a serious burn (One Aussie thought I had a skin graft). Oddly enough, that night I started to use the air conditioner because I did not want my arm to become infected by the sweat. I have used the aircon since.

Saigon Past

I bought a shrine back in November, 2005. This was the first time I carried something big tied up on my motorbike. I was a bit scared.

Saigon Past

(My Quan Am Shrine back in District 5).

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  1. William

    Your burned arm looks terrible! Do not play hero again! Happy birthday! Hope there will be more interesting topic!!!

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    @William: It hurt pretty bad but I knew I could take care of it easily. After about 4 days, it started to heal. You can still see the burn but in a couple of years, it will disappear from my arm. It fades each year.

    @Mike: Still waiting on the water problem…

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