Water Woes Part II

Today was an interesting day.  We lost our electricity again.  It happens every Tuesday now for the entire day.

Luckily they turned our power back on at 3 PM since exactly at this time, the water repairman brought back the ground water pump for the house.

He stayed for two full hours.

Before he left, he had made our water problems worse.  Not only is the water leaking in the ground now (about 1000 litters per day now), there is a new water leak on the kitchen floor now.

All he was supposed to have done was put in the repaired ground water pump and then take out the city water pump for repairs.  The water pipes connecting the ground water pump were not the right fit so he decided to cut pieces off and refit them.  Each time he replaced the cut pieces with a new piece, the pipe leaked.  He kept doing this until he finally gave up.

When I saw him in the kitchen again, he was using an old t-shirt to mop up the water that flooded the kitchen floor.

He then switched on the city water pump (the leaking one) and told me he would come back tomorrow.  I watched him try to the ground water pump again.  Amazing, I saw water leaking out in 5 different spots.

Now I have two leaking water pumps, not one like two days before.


2 comments on “Water Woes Part II”

  1. Mike

    Hey Kevin,
    Is the plumbing PVC or metal? What kind of water pressures are you encountering? Incompetence I’m afraid.

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    They use plastic pipes. They crack quite often. The water worker was supposed to come yesterday but he was a no show. The landlord said today but I have to work so I will need to turn him away.

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