Increased Internet Speeds in Vietnam?


VNPT just announced they will increase internet speeds (and prices) for new and existing customers.  Some customers, depending on their packages, may see speeds increase between 1-9 Mbps!  That is quite impressive.

It would be nice to see if FPT and Viettel would follow.  Currently Viettel seems to be the star of reliable high speed bandwidth these days.

Currently with FPT, I am getting about 798 kbps download and 204 kpbs upload speeds.  In the evenings, downloads can go well over 1000 kbps now!!!  These are the same speeds I was getting back in April, 2004, when I started using ADSL with Viettel.  Things seem to be looking brighter in the future 🙂

VNPT Increases Internet Bandwidth

(Source: Thanh Nien News)


  1. I am getting a 12 meg fiber line installed on Monday by FTP. They are guarantying a minimum o f 512 kpbs international bandwidth. Will let you know if it is really true.

  2. You will still share the same internet line as anyone else. I heard some people complain that the fiber optic line is not much any faster than the ADSL line. Let me know what happens. I was thinking about get a fiber optic line as well.

  3. Should be getting it installed tomorrow, got delayed because the are still laying the fiber optic. It is is slow might have to go to a leased line. Yikes!

  4. The Fiber is horrible. The highest speed I have gotten is 600 K and I am in District 1 on the corner of Le Thanh Ton and Ton Duc Thang. What District are you in and how are you managing to get 1.7 meg download at night? I use to get that speed at the Manor using SCTV but not anymore. If FPT doesn’t up the speed, I am canceling the fiber. Luckily I have paid them yet, just for discounted installation only. Might just stick with the SCTV at the office 30 bucks compared to fiber 427 dollars a month.

  5. Stick with ADSL and try to get two lines with a load balancer.

    I live in the Phu Nhuan District near Huynh Van Banh and the canal.

    Right now, the internet seems a bit slower. We had a power outage and when the electricity returned, the internet seemed slower.

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