ADSL Bandwidth , Slow?


It is 11:30 PM at night when normally the internet speeds are the best. For the last couple of days now, the bandwidth has been quite poor. I just did a Speed Test with Speakeasy and received the following results from the San Fransisco server:

  • 338 kbps Downloads
  • 57 kbps Uploads

That is a big difference from 6 days ago. Even during the weekend I got better bandwidth.

Another network upgrade FPT? Nope, it turns out that my Wireless Access Point was sucking most of the bandwidth. Below are the Speed Test results when I unplugged my WAP:

  • 1706 kbps Downloads
  • 205 kbps Uploads

I thought I had a pretty good password on my Wireless Access Point but with the readily available cracking programs here in Saigon, I am not surprised that someone broke it.
I will ask my roommate to get his own ADSL line into the house.

Edit: It turns out that my housemate was downloading four movies with Bittorrent.


  1. Can’t you check if someone else is on your wireless network? You may just be losing speed because of the wireless signal, and not because of some poaching.

    Even with wireless-N routers, I just plug directly into the wall. One would think that, given the slower speed in Vietnam, the G and up routers are not bottlenecks, but they can be. At least they are in my working environment.

  2. D: I was thinking the same thing this morning. My roommate is getting poor bandwidth upstairs from my WAP. I will try to run a line up to my roommate’s room but I really need all the bandwidth since I plan to run a server soon.

    @Tracy: Yeah, cool. Does Trang know you visit these sites 🙂

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