Water Woes from Hell!!!


Well, my landlord never fixed the water leak problem.  Instead he just switched the house to ground water WHICH IS FREE.  Problem solved,


The house is still leaking water.  The water guy charged us for 24000 litters of water last month.  We USED that water before switching to ground water.  At that time, we measured out water loss at around 800 litters per day.

Starting about last week, the ground water pump starting going on more often than usual.  Starting yesterday, I realized that it was turning on every 45 minutes.  Sooner if we use the shower or washing machine.  Once the water tank on top of our roof fills up, it switches back to the 45 minute intervals. That mean, roughly, we were lossing around 500 litters of  water per hour!!!

This afternoon, I woke up in the early evening from a nap because I kept hearing the water pump.  Shortly later I noticed the house had no water.  My housemate, who has a PhD in Engineering, and I went unto the roof to check out the water tank.  It was filling with water, no problem.  The problem was that water was leaking faster than the tank could be filled.

We cannot see any water damage in the house.  The toilets, sinks and showers are fine.  There are no indications of a water leak inside the house.  We are going to check the outside sewage to see if any water is coming out from our house.

We do know that the leak is below my room at least.  The water pumps are fine and we now know they were not responsible for the leak.

Starting three days ago I have been asking my landlord to fix this problem.  No response yet.  There is a good chance that we will have to move out of the house.  They will need to demolish to foundation to get to the pipes.  I will not stay in the house for this.

As of 10:30 PM, we are no longer getting good water pressure in the house.

To be continued 🙂