Saturday Night at Home


Well, I had to stay home tonight to get some work done.  Things did not go as planned, though, due a power outage at about 7 PM.  When the power returned, the internet seemed quite slow.

I have been trying to download some drivers to get my laser printer to run so I can print some documents I need to review.  Printer drivers are hard to come by in regards to Linux.  Running VirtualBox so I could use Windows XP should have been the easier solution but it turns out that the drivers for my USB hardware were not available with the normal XP install.  I needed to install SP1 which is something I really do not want to do.  I guess I will try to get the printer running in Linux however that will happen.

I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.5.  It has a really nice user interface.  I am thinking about updating my blog theme as well.  It needs a major overhaul.

Well, back to figuring out how to get my printer to run in Gentoo…