Real Dr Pepper at Texas BBQ


Dr. Pepper in Vietnam - Texas BBQ

Amazing, the new location of Texas BBQ (on Le Thanh Ton street in Q1 opposite of Skygarden) is now offering Dr Pepper, imported from the US, for 30,000 VND.  Yeah, I hate to say it, it is worth it here.

Most soft drinks in Vietnam have lower sugar and caffeine content than their US counterparts.  I can drink a can of Coca Cola here at midnight and fall asleep 30 minutes later.

The Dr Pepper at Texas BBQ had really high sugar and caffeine content.  Wow, I stayed up real late last night.

I need to get Dr Pepper shipped to Vietnam in the near future 🙂

By the way, the new Texas BBQ is an improvement over the old.  I am still waiting for them to return the brownie with ice cream on the menu.


  1. 30,000VND doesn’t sound too bad. I wonder what else is on the menu? How’s the Ribs. I love the kind that fall off the bone and cover you with BBQ sauce up to your elbows. Actually I’ve got a great recipe if you are interested.

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