EVN Faulty Power Meter


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Back in 2005, EVN installed roughly 287,000 faulty power meters resulting in complaints of nearly 12,000 from irate customers.  Many customers were angry at the higher fees and the government later forced EVN to replace the faulty power meters and compensate the customers.

EVN - Electricity of Vietnam Faulty Power Meter

(2005 Faulty Power Meter)

Nearly three years later, EVN is telling all customers that they must replace their current power meter with a new one below:

EVN - Electricity of Vietnam Faulty Power Meter

(2008 Faulty Power Meter in my house?)

To put things in light, before I had a housemate, I was using roughly 8 kWh per day for the last year.  That included the use of the air conditioner when I was home.  When I got a housemate, I figured his usage to be around 4 kWh per day since he did not use the air conditioner.  Hence, we are using about 12 kWh per day.

According to the power meter, we are now averaging 16 kWh per day, an increase of 33 percent.

I am keeping a daily power consumption log just to see if the power meter is faulty.

Is the new power meter faulty?  Initially, it looks that EVN may have made the same mistake again.  In a month, I will definitely know.  My landlord already knows the problem.