Olympic Torch in Saigon


Yesterday evening I was rushing to District 1 from the Phu Nhuan District at about 6:45 PM. I started to notice people lining up NKKN with small Olympic flags. Then I remembered that the Olympic torch for the Beijing Olympic Games were coming through. I needed to get down NKKN fast before the street was closed. Whoops, too late, I had to detour towards CMT8 and head towards District 1 from there.

Took about 30 minutes due to the heavy traffic. Near the Reunification Palace, traffic just stopped. I had arrived just as the Olympic torch was leaving for the airport. I was able to get some shots of the caravan following the torch. Sorry, no torch shots, too many people were in the way…

Beijing Olympic Torch in Saigon, Vietnam

(Traffic just stopped all of a sudden)

Beijing Olympic Torch in Saigon, Vietnam

(I think the torch is going by here)

Beijing Olympic Torch in Saigon, Vietnam

(The Olympic torch caravan)