Yahoo 360plus for Vietnamese Bloggers

I was a bit concerned when I heard last year that Yahoo was going to scrap Yahoo 360. Yahoo 360 is one of the most popular blogging applications in Vietnam. I actually communicate with a lot of my Vietnamese friends through Yahoo 360. Yeah, Facebook and MySpace are popular around the world but Yahoo 360 has got both of them beat here.

I guess Yahoo took notice. They will be launching Yahoo 360plus just for the Vietnamese market. That’s the positive.

The negative, since Yahoo 360plus will not be connected to the universal profile with other Yahoo products, this could be the death blow to Yahoo 360 in Vietnam. The strength of Yahoo 360 is that it enabled Vietnamese bloggers to connect with other Yahoo 360 users around the world. If Yahoo 360plus just focuses on the Vietnamese market, many 360 users could move over to Facebook which is rapidly becoming popular among students and friends.

Unfortunately for you English speakers, Yahoo 360plus is only available in the Vietnamese language.

Troi oi!!!

Yahoo 360plus Vietnam

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  1. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    I just know a couple of my students who use it. They seem to like it. I see the younger generation using it more than the older generation. It is sad that Yahoo plans to stop 360 in the future. Yahoo Mash is not popular at all. A lot of my Vietnamese friends used it in the beginning but have since reverted back to Yahoo 360.

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