Fedora Core 9 Released!!!

Fedora Core 9 - Vietnam

A big day for the Red Hat Fedora Core Community. Fedora Core 9 was just released. I am currently downloading it through bittorrent. Right now there does not seem to be a lot of torrents here in Asia but I suspect by morning, there will be many more.

If anyone in Saigon wants a copy of FC9. just let me know. I will burn a DVD for you.

I started my Linux days with Red Hat 7.3. At the time it was not interesting but when I was testing CentOS early this year, I found that I really liked Red Hat again. I plan to run FC9 on my Thinkpad T60 with Gnome 2.22, considered one of the better desktop environments in the open source community right now (Sorry KDE but I realy hate KDE4).

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