Fedora Core 9 Installed

I successfully installed Fedora Core 9 on my Thinkpad T60.  Everything seems to be working out of the box.  I just need to the volume buttons to work.

The Gnome 2.22 desktop environment is nice and easy to configure.  Ubuntu Herod Hardy gave a little more eye candy and had Compiz Fusion working with their installation.  For me, those are minor details since I really just want a plain and simple desktop.

Yum is great.  I had to install the fastestmirror application to find the closest mirrors for me during the downloads.  This will come in handy since the bandwidth seems to be missing for most of the last two weeks here in Vietnam.

I had problems installing Skype since I could not retrieve the pgp key.  I waited about 30 minutes and was able to retrieve it.  Skype is now working.

This weekend I will install both Joomla and Plone.  Plone is my favorite CMS know but everyone seems to be using Joomla.

Lets see how long I keep using FC9.  So far, so good.

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