Four Years in Vietnam


Yes, I touched that milestone today.  Four years in Vietnam.  I cannot believe I have been in Vietnam that long.  Originally I intended only to stay just 2 years and then head back to the US for my PhD or JD.  I kind of didn’t leave as many of you noticed.

I learned a lot my four years here.  I finally got into touch of my Asian half.  This has helped me understand my Japanese mother much better.  I now realize that she is normal 🙂  I have a better appreciation of Asia in general, a far cry from when I was a high school student ashamed of my Japanese background.

I put on nearly 28,000 km on my motorbike.  My Yamaha Nouvo will be four years old this August.  I love the freedom of riding a motorbike the mandatory helmet law ruined some of the fun of riding a motorbike.

My biggest disappointment, though, is that I have not been able to pick up the Vietnamese language very well.  That is my goal for the next two years, to be able to communicate in Vietnamese.  I can get around my alleyway, no problem.  They understand my accent but I struggle everywhere else.

Thus I think you all now know that I will stick around for at least two more years.  I have been aching to get back to the US to begin my PhD.  I miss doing research 🙁

In the meantime I will go full blown and keep doing what I do best, blogging 🙂


  1. I always wondered about the need to master, or at least have a working ability of the language, to work in country. When I contemplate the thought of moving to Vietnam, my biggest obastacle is I don’t know the language well enough. I guess this post answers the question, thanks.

  2. Cool post Kevin,

    I left the country when i was 11, and coming ‘home’ to visit in 2006 and 2007 was interesting, though i read at 100%, yet understanding the tougher words at 30%. I would not make it, for example, China.


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