More on Vietnam UFO Crash

Yeah, this UFO story is still making some news here in Vietnam.  My blog is even getting hits from around the world about this UFO incident in Vietnam.  Officials state that they think it is an airplane but no one is owning up to it.

My theory is that it could be an unmarked plane making a drug run when it had engine problems.  You never know.

Read -> Vietnam probes mystery ‘UFO’ incident

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  1. Clifton

    I seriously doubt the wreckage comes from a plane carrying quantities of illegal drugs. I can’t imagine where such a plane would be coming from, or going to, or even what drug it might be smuggling. Heroin from SE Asia down to Australia? That would be a long ways for a small plane without stops.
    The whole story makes very little sense from an aviation perspective, the debris (if reports from Cambodia and Phu Quoc are accurate) is scattered over much too large an area. My guess is that this might be some space junk, some satellite that tumbled out of a low orbit, perhaps. It would be nice to see some pix of these mysterious pieces of metal and also see how they (supposedly) landed.
    My alternate theory is that this whole mystery, when unraveled, will explain why the local HCMC stock exchange has been totally kaput, out of order, for three days. What a boondoggle that supposed breakdown is! Very strange phenomena indeed!
    Ancient tech, or just inept…

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    The story is as good as the local media trying to convince people that some fishermen were able to locate and haul up a vital undersea internet cable line last year 🙂 What was really going on??? 🙂

  3. Kyle

    Wow, I been traveling between the States, Malaysia, and Vietnam. This is the first time I heard of such story. Haha, this incident reminds me of the “OmFg I got a video of a alien peeking through my window” news in the states. There was a lot of publicity on that one.

  4. Victor

    I was following this story by searching Google news. All of the stories on this have been removed from google news search.

    I had to search for it on Yahoo search engine to even find this site. Kind of wierd.

    I think it may be the new unmanned U.S. craft the X45A. Maybe it was headed fro China to photograph the Earthquake damage.

    Strange that this story has been buried though.

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