My Evil Kitten, Jenny

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  1. Huong

    Hi Kevin,

    How are you doing? Any news of Mr. Smokey’s visiting Cong Hoa campus? Please tell him that I’ve been looking forward to seeing him.

  2. SaigonNezumi (Kevin)

    In short, she is not a good house pet, yet. With other Smokey and a couple other cats I raised, I had them stay in my room for a long period of time so they can get used to me. In short, so they can see that I am the one that feeds them which is important with cats.

    Jenny has been breaking a lot of things in the house last week and tipping things over. She would always run away from me which is not a bad. A cat, when they know they did something wrong, will freeze and not move.

    In short, I have to discipline her hard which is easier said than done. For one week I will have her on the terrace. I will bring her food at night and then put her in the kennel. After a week I will bring her my room for about a week or more. After that, I hope she will calm down a bit.

    Smokey was a great cat compared to her. Ninja, before he fell off the terrace and was taken, was a good cat too.

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